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The Gottwald winery is presented

On November 15, 2023, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Gottwald Winery will present itself at a wine dinner with music (Ricsi Herczog, accordionist) at the Szék Restaurant&Bar (1061, Budapest Andrássy út 41, +3617213154).
Reserve a table and bring your partner, family, friends, and acquaintances, and let them taste the food specialties of our chef Sebestyén Réti's wine dinner.


//Fresh Orda with caramelized figs//
Gottwald Brut Champagne (2020), 100% Pinot Blanc, aged 18 months, 9 g residual sugar

Appetizer 1.
//Shrimp cocktail, with green apple, English celery, Irsai dressing, white root chips//
Olivér Irsai (2023) A real refreshing drink Characterized by fruitiness, freshness and slim acids

Appetizer 2.
//Gravlax steamed salmon trout on a bed of warm pumpkin//
Pinot Noir Rozé (2023) This wine smells like a big basket of raspberries. Crisp acids and rich fruitiness can be observed in the taste

Main dishes
//Roasted foie gras, smoked salt, plum jue//
Olaszriesling wooden barrel (2021) This Olaszriesling, very grateful for the Neszmély soil, was made by spontaneous fermentation in 3hl wooden barrels. Its aroma is dominated by citrus. A full-bodied wine with a high alcohol content (14%). Its fine, velvety acids lead to outstanding complexity.


//Rose goose breast, with quince compote, bun roulade//
Kékfrankos (2021) Pleasantly full-bodied red wine, its aroma is defined by spicy fruits, and its taste is determined by the flavor of plum jam. We recommend it at room temperature for the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine.

//Chocolate and beetroot mousse with dark chocolate crumbs//
Merlot (2022) Matured in obsidian barrels, characterized by rich fruitiness. The price of the wine dinner: HUF 16,900 + 13.5% service charge